Save the Date: May 7 - 11 2017: American Bar Association: Section of Labor and Employment Law Midyear Meeting

Our colleagues at the American Bar Association: Section of Labor and Employment Law will host a major international Midyear Meeting in the Westbury Hotel, Dublin from May 7 - 11 2017. The Midyear Meeting, hosted by the International Committee of the ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law will comprise a diverse series of presentations from leading international employment law and labour law experts.  ELAI is proud to sponsor the opening of the conference with drinks Sunday evening 7 May at the Westbury Hotel.


Justice Mary Laffoy our ELAI Patron will open the conference on the Monday 8 May.  Topics will include Brexit, social media, data protection, cross-border employment and trade union recognition and restrictive covenants and a draft list of topics are attached. The meeting promises to be a globally-significant gathering of experts in the field. Full details and registration details  for conference are available here.


Non members of the ABA are welcome to attend the conference although a variety of membership options to join the American Bar Association are available here.



The full programme of events is available here.


We would encourage our members of ELAI to attend as it is a unique opportunity to meet employment professional not only from the US but across the EU who also attend such mid year meetings in what are fascinating times for lawyers in the US and lawyers in the EU and the UK with Brexit.